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Dog Food for Breeders

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Inexpensive, high-quality dog food for breeders, delivered

Because the food you feed plays an important role in the health of your dogs, you want to find a food that is healthy, but your need to feed many muzzles requires that you find a food that is also low cost. Herein lies the challenge. Fortunately Alpha Dog Food answers the call with our exclusive buy-in-bulk program for breeders.

Because of budget constraints, breeders often feed cheaper commercial brands with controversial first ingredients like animal by-products and corn. The problem is that these low-cost ingredients can cause weight gain, allergies and digestive issues. Go to any online forum and you can find countless consumer stories about the damaging effects caused by popular cheap brands. Furthermore, recommending such foods for the puppies you sell can damage your reputation as a breeder when your customers conduct their own research (they Google it).

In defense of the budget breeder, premium pet foods can cost an paw and a leg.

Fortunately, Alpha Dog Food has a solution: high-quality dry dog food for less…and it’s DELIVERED!

Alpha Dog Food is an online pet food company based in Swedesboro, NJ that caters to dog owners with large and multiple dogs. We offer all-natural fresh baked dog (and cat food) in larger bag sizes.

Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients from North America, Alpha Dog Food formulas do not contain controversial ingredients like animal by-products, fillers, artificial preservative/colors, corn, wheat or soy. Nor do our formulas contain ingredients from China.

Protein First
Chicken, salmon, lamb, buffalo and duck meal are always the first ingredients listed. Chicken meal, for example, contains 300% more protein than de-boned or wet chicken, which is mostly water. So even after our formulas are baked, the animal protein listed first remains the first ingredient in our final product.

Based on feedback from breeders that we know, we decided to increase their bag sizes and lower our price per lb, to compete with popular name brands. Take the Alpha Dog Food challenge. Visit our Breeder category page and discover if we can delivery your dogs’ food for less per lb than your current brand.


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