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We’re a Green and Brown Company – Saving Money and Trees with Free Boxes

repurposed box

At Alpha Dog Food we’re always searching for ways to lower your shipping rates, and cut unnecessary costs associated with fulfilling your orders.

Volume Discounts – Recently, we renegotiated our rates with FedEx saving 8-12% which calculates to a $3 – $5 savings on each order! This was made possible by support from our awesome clients.

But that’s not all we do. Some methods are more creative than the typical renegotiation. We want to let you know about another exciting and very unique way we are saving you money, and the Earth some trees.

Box Background – When we first built our product prices we factored-in the cost of a shipping box, but we were way off. Initially we factored cost of boxes to be $1 – $2 each; when in actuality the large boxes we need cost $5 – $7 a piece, even when purchased in bulk.

In order to avoid raising prices, we started using re-purposed boxes from a local hardware store but we outgrew their supply rather quickly. Then we started searching for a new supplier. For weeks we visited dozens of stores asking about the boxes they were throwing out and it was difficult to find a consistent source or size. Simultaneously, we were also pricing new boxes from suppliers.  We were about to give up and order a couple thousand boxes, until we happened to stop at an Old Navy store and asked if they had any large boxes that they were throwing out.

The Navy to the Rescue – They took me to the back and showed me the exact size we needed! They were throwing out ~500 of this exact size every week. We hit the JACKPOT!repurposed box

On the last Friday of each month the staff at Old Navy are nice enough to set aside their empty boxes. Please support them if you live near an Old Navy, specifically the one in Deptford, NJ and thank the managers for saving trees and dollars.

Thank you for your support, and please share Alpha Dog Food with a friend.

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