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I’d like to get a subscription, but how long will a bag last for my dog?

To answer this question first determine how many cups you feed daily. If you’re unsure refer to this nifty dog food calculator.

Once you’re sure of how much to feed your dog, use this chart and some simple math to figure out how long a bag will last.

Bag Size Cups per Bag
8 lb 26 cups
20 lb 65 cups

Math: cups per bag/cups fed daily = days per bag

Payment and Subscription FAQs

How do I change my subscription formula, bag size, delivery frequency and next payment date?
Log in and you can adjust, suspend (then reactivate) or cancel your subscription from the My Account section of alphadogfood.com.

When you choose to adjust your subscription you will be brought to your product page, where you can choose a new bag size and delivery frequency. The subscription you choose will cancel your previous subscription. Your next payment date will change according to the frequency chosen, or the date will remain the same if the frequency does not change.

A popular option for adjusting your subscription from your My Account page:

Step 1 | Cancel it
Step 2 | Renew it

Next Payment Date

To adjust your next payment date, either email your request to alphadogfood@gmail.com, or cancel your current order and start a new subscription when you are running low of dog or cat food.

Update Method of Payment

How do I?
1. Log in to your My Account section. Choose the option to “Change Payment Method.”
2. On the next page choose the option to “Use a New Credit Card” or PayPal.
3. Enter your new credit card information, or PayPal information, then click “Change Payment Method.”

*COD is an option at the checkout page for those of you who would like to mail a check.

I have a subscription and my next payment date is [September 27], is that also the delivery date?
Please expect delivery 1 to 7 days after your order processes. Good news: Because we know your next payment date, we are often able to provide same day delivery!

Running Low?
Let us know.
We will do our best to deliver fast, not slow.

Food Related FAQs

alpha dog foodWhat grade chicken or meats are used in Alpha Dog Food?
The meats used in Alpha Dog Food are GRADE A. We’d like to take this opportunity to also point out that the chicken, lamb, salmon, buffalo, duck meals used in Alpha Dog Food are up to 300% more nutrient dense than “fresh and frozen” meats.

Do you have a grain-free formula?
Yes. Alpha Dog Food Grain Free for All Life Stages, and Hunting Dog Food for All Life Stages.

Should I add water, table scraps or wet food to Alpha Dog Food?
Alpha Dog Food dry kibble has 10% moisture. It doesn’t need water, and most dogs like the crunchy texture. Other dogs have come to expect a dry food coupled with human foods, table scraps, or wet food.

Note: Consult a vet or dog nutritionist to determine what human foods, wet foods and table scraps are appropriate


What temperatures are used when cooking Alpha Dog Food?
It depends on the formula and the ingredients. All formulas are baked slowly in small batches for optimum nutrient uptake, and to increased palatability of the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Baking temperatures are set based on the minimum degree requirement to kill bacteria. A similar example would be that restaurants are required by the USDA to cook poultry to 165ø.

Does Alpha Dog Food contain added vitamins and minerals?
Yes. Whole food vitamin and chelated mineral packets are added to each formula to account for nutrients that may have been lost during the baking process. Please refer to the ingredient lists to see what vitamin and minerals have been added.

When are the vitamins and minerals added?
The vitamins and minerals are added in the mixing process prior to extrusion.

Why are your bags so plain looking?
We made the decision to use plain white bags and a simple label to reduce costs to you, the consumer.

Is Alpha Dog Food AAFCO approved? Yes, all Alpha Dog Food dog and cat food formulas are AAFCO approved.

Shipping FAQs

When will my order ship?
New orders will ship within 0 to 3 days after processing. Recurring orders (subscriptions) will also ship 0 to 3 days after processing, but often sooner, because we can anticipate future orders.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is based on the weight of the package and your shipping zone. Please proceed to checkout and complete the shipping fields to view your price. Home delivery via FedEx or USPS ranges from $0 – 30.93.

Can I give Alpha Dog Food specific delivery instructions when I order?
Yes, you can give us delivery instructions. There is a “order notes” field under the shipping column on the checkout page. Let us know if you would like us drop it on the back porch, in the shed or garage for example. You can also let us know if you need it ASAP or in a week. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you require a signature?
For your convenience, we deliver your package to your door without requiring a signature so you don’t have to be there. There are times when USPS and FedEx designates locations as requiring a signature. In those rare instances, a note will be left on your door requesting permission to leave your package the next day.

Where do you ship to in the US? In the world?
Based in Swedesboro, NJ, Alpha Dog Food delivers nationwide, anywhere in the continental USA.

Can I return opened bags?
We are not allowed to offer refunds or exchanges on bags that are opened due to strict health policies. If you are unsure what to do with an opened bag, contact your local pet shelter. They may accept it as a donation.

In most cases, you may return any unopened merchandise in its original condition, including original packaging within 30 days of receipt and we will quickly give you a credit, minus shipping and handling costs. Please be aware any shipping cost you incur to return the product to us will not be refunded.

Shipping cost is non-refundable for undelivered, unclaimed or returned packages, unless we made an error, then of course we will credit you promptly.

The order I received was damaged. What do I do?
If you received a damaged shipment or product, please take photos and email images to alphadogfood@gmail.com and we will figure out the best resolution with you. We will make it right!

Please Note: In order to resolve the above issue we kindly ask that you first contact Alpha Dog Food by email or phone. Trust us to always take the correct course of action to satisfy you, our valued customer.

Phone: (856) 693-3728

Email: alphadogfood@gmail.com

Brand Ambassador FAQs

If I refer someone to Alpha Dog Food, but they don’t use my share link do I still get credit?
Yes, we will gladly move someone and pay you the commission once we can determine they are your referral. Furthermore, you can request a personal coupon (your first or last name) to share with your friends so they enjoy 5% off their first order. This will allow us to more easily track your referrals if they do bypass your share link.

To request a coupon please email us at: alphadogfood@gmail.com.

Please note that your commission will be reduced the amount of the coupon.