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Dog Food DeliveryWho We Are

Alpha Dog Food is for dog owners and rescue organizations with large, and multiple dogs who want to feed healthy food.

Retail customers who subscribe get a 20% recurring discount, and wholesale and bulk purchasers (200 lbs per purchase) enjoy bulk prices!

Alpha Dog Food ships nationwide.

Alpha Dog Food is your local online pet food store based in Swedesboro, NJ, with warehousing in Westville, NJ. We sell dry food for dogs and cats.

The Marketplace as We See It

Have you noticed that healthy dog food is only offered in small bags, with a big price? Conversely unhealthy dog food is cheap and comes in ginormous bags? Same with cat food. Alpha Dog Food answers the call of good food in larger quantities!

Alpha Dog Food offers high quality dog food delivery, and two ways to save:

1. Shop Retail and Subscribe (20% off)

Shopping retail at AlphaDogFood.com makes sense for most folks. It is super convenient and designed to save you time and money. We offer bags sizes from 8 lbs – 120 lbs, and delivery frequencies from every 3 weeks – 3 months. When you set up a subscription based on your needs you will automatically save 20%. However, a recurring order is not mandatory. You may place an order each time you visit AlphaDogFood.com (a la cart), or subscribe. The choice is yours, but remember that subscribers enjoy a 20% recurring discount! You can cancel your subscription any time, no questions asked.

a. Buy Bulk

Some people may call you a crazy dog person. You may call yourself a crazy dog person. Our business was built with you in mind. If you would like to save trips to the store, and enjoy even better prices on quality food, you may be interested in buying bulk program. Our only requirement is that you shop for a minimum of 200 lbs per order.

2. Shop Wholesale

Our wholesale program is designed to serve 501(c)(3) rescue organizations, shelters and kennels. You must be able to present a re-sale certificate or tax exempt certificate if requested by us. Shopping wholesale is essentially the same as shopping in bulk, except we won’t charge you a sales tax when applicable. Minimum wholesale orders are also 200 lbs.

What makes Alpha Dog Food formulas unique?Dog Food Delivery

The short answer: ingredients. The ingredients that go into Alpha Dog Food are procured based on quality. All meat proteins are produced in plants that produce human foods. We never use cheap ingredients or fillers.

Alpha Dog Food is made in small batches and baked slowly for taste and quality. Whole food vitamins and chelated minerals are added to promote optimum health.

What makes AlphaDogFood.com unique?

Most online pet food companies are big box stores online, with piles of below standard brands and misleading messages. Upon closer inspection you will see that what they offer is no different than what you can find at the retail storefront with the added cost of delivery.

Alpha Dog Food offers only high-quality formulas for less than what you would pay at your local pet food store. We accomplish this three ways:

1. We offer healthy food discounted in larger quantities. It sounds obvious, but is rare in the marketplace. Most online retailers, as well as brick and mortar establishments offer maximum size 25 lb bags. By increasing bag sizes, we decrease your costs.

2. Alpha Dog Food packaging is no frills, and we use repurposed shipping boxes. A fancy bag design and new shipping box doesn’t benefit your pet; it only increases costs. Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

3. The Alpha Dog Food Brand Ambassador Program – Instead of spending money on advertising and marketing we give money back to our customers for referrals. We pay cold hard cash (via PayPal or check) for referrals. Samples and coupon cards for you to give to friends and family are often included in your delivery, but can also be requested by emailing alphadogfood@gmail.com

Alpha Dog Food is lean and green. Our conservative approach to business equates to unsurpassed value.

Experience our Passion

We are very passionate about our work, and we guarantee that if you choose to shop with us you will experience our enthusiasm!

We believe in building lasting relationships with the people with whom we work and the customers we serve, and we look forward to getting to know you and your family, furry members included!

Phone: (888) 607-2260

Email: alphadogfood@gmail.com

Alpha Dog Food