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Bag Size Matters

We will no longer offer 55 lb bags. Over the years many of our clients have naturally switched away from the 55 lb bags, and have moved to either the 40 lb ( 2 x 20 lb bags), or 80 lb (4 x 20 lb bags) options.

The most common reason given for the switch is that the larger bags are simply “too heavy”. Twenty pound bags are easier to handle, and store better.

Here is an updated breakdown of bag sizes we offer:

  • 8 lb ( 2 x 4 lb bags)
  • 20 lb
  • 40 lb ( 2 x 20 lb bags)
  • 80 lb ( 4 x 20 lb bags)
  • 120 lb. ( 6 x 20 lb bags)

Please note that as the weight goes up, the price per lb comes down. To view all formulas and prices please visit

We hope that within this range you’ll find a size and delivery frequency that works best for you.

For bulk and wholesale clients you will have a choice of 4 lb and 20 lb bags. We can still drop-ship 55 lb bags directly from our manufacturer.

For increased discounts on larger purchases, 200+ lbs, visit ourbulk and wholesale category pages.

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