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Small Kibble Dog Food Small Enough for a Toothless Chihuahua

Small Kibble Dog Food
Chicken Recipe & Salmon Recipe kibble are small enough for small or dentally challenged dogs to eat.

Alpha Dog Food offers small kibble dog food for small dogs and older dogs that are missing teeth.

If you are reading this post it’s likely that you are searching for a smaller kibble to feed your small or aging dog. Large kibble is too much work to chew and can lead to more broken or missing teeth. Additionally feeding wet dog food, and home cooked meals can be unhealthy, expensive and time consuming.

For healthy home cooked meal recipes for your dog please visit dog dietician Loreen Playford’s website for information and recipes. 

Alpha Dog Food offers all natural fresh baked kibble that is made in the USA. All of our kibble is small which is indicative of high quality animal protein based dog food free of corn, wheat or soy. Our smallest kibble come in two flavors: Salmon Recipe and Chicken Recipe.

Customer testimonials:

Toothless Chihuahua
Toothless Chihuahua Elwood aka “World’s Ugliest Dog”, RIP.

“Today was day one of Alpha Dog Food and the dogs loved it! They scarfed it down and the little bites were perfect for my toothless chihuahua.” Lauren Dunn, Harrisonville, NJ

“I have not been able to find another dog food my dog will eat since she had yours. It was really small pieces of food and she just loved it. She’s going to be 10 this year and has been losing her teeth and its been hard finding things she can eat.” Tara Lyn VanSeters, Hamilton Township, NJ

For more information about all of our formulas including small kibble dog food please visit our product pages. If you’d like to try it before you buy it please request samples from our contact us page


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