Alpha Dog Food Affiliate Referral Program

The Alpha Dog Food Affiliate Referral program is your way to earn some extra dough, or raise funds for your organization by sharing Alpha Dog Food. On this page we will show you who’s doing it and how easy it is.

Who is making referrals?

alpha dog food referral programAs of September 1, 2016 approximately 81% of new clients were referred by our existing clients, and organizations. What this means is that people and groups are comfortable referring their friends and supporters because of our high quality dog and cat foods, as well as our exemplary customer service.

I am from the Hamilton Township, NJ PTA. Someone gave one of our members samples of the dog food at a meetings last year. I have not been able to find another dog food my dog will eat since she had yours. So after some research I was able to find the website and order what I think (I hope anyway) was the sample. It was really small pieces of food and she just loved it. She’s going to be 10 this year and has been losing her teeth and its been hard finding things she can eat.

You can be confident referring your friends and family to Alpha Dog Food, and each time they shop active customers will earn a commission for the lifetime of their purchases! Active customers are defined as clients who have shopped from Alpha Dog Food within the past 6 months.

How do I start?

The first step is to become an affiliate. If you shopped from us, then you already have a profile, and a unique referral link. When you refer new customers to our products and services you are rewarded with commissions each time they buy.

The key is link tracking. You will be awarded a personalized URL that allows us to attribute sales to you, through your efforts. Because URLs are so durable, you can get creative with the way that you distribute the URLs.

The most effective way to ensure your success is by sharing your link, as well as sharing samples and your unique coupon cards. Alpha Dog Food will often send samples and coupon cards our with your order.

Samples and unique coupon card are highly effective and can be requested with your orders for little or no cost depending on your needs.


You have significant flexibility about how you can make referrals. When communicating with your potential referrals be as creative as you want. Use your own words, attach photos and entice them to click your share link. You have your own thoughts and style. Why not use them when talking about the brand you represent.

There is no limit to how often you distribute your link or which channels you can use. As long as you can get the URL in a piece of communication, you can use that medium to earn commissions.


When logged into your Alpha Dog Food account, you have the ability to track your progress and see how successful your communications have been at garnering clicks and revenue. On your dashboard, you will see how many commissions you’ve earned, how many times your URL has been clicked, and how much money you have earned as a result of your advocacy. There shouldn’t be any guesswork about how well you’re doing.

With the information on your dashboard, you can see how to focus your referral activities. With these tools, you can hone your strategy and work more effectively.

Commissions – Rewards and Payment

Commissions Note: When someone you refer shops for the first time at you earn a 20% commission. When they shop again you earn a 5% commission.

Commissions are paid monthly.

Through PayPal you can quickly, securely and easily access the payouts. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can set one up in minutes. If you’d like to make referrals before you have a PayPal account on file with us we will hold your commission until you set it up at

You can also receive a commission check if you prefer.

On your dashboard, you will see exactly how many commissions you have earned and the total payout. We will also alert you by email each time you refer a new client, have a commission approved and receive a payout.

Disclaimer: Earning vary based on effort.

Make it Personal

Our final piece of advice for a successful effort when referring Alpha Dog Food is to make your approach personal and be authentic. If you believe in what you are sharing, your enthusiasm will win-over the people you approach.

The life of a new referral:

1. John writes an email to Bill enticing him to click on his share link. Enticed, Bill clicks and cookies are store in his web browser.
2. Bill is running low in dog food, goes online and shops from Alpha Dog.
3. The referral tracks back to John and he gets paid and earns current contest points.
4. Alpha Dog Food handles fulfillment, customer service and ongoing marketing.

Think of people who could benefit from our products and service, share your link and let the system make the sale.

Product Training

The best way to learn about Alpha Dog Food is to feed your dog or cat our formulas. When they have great results on our products share that with your friends. Study our website to learn what makes us unique. Read our FAQs to gain an understanding of what questions you may encounter.

Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Sales

The type of marketing we are referring to here on this page can be called affiliate or internet marketing. It is different than traditional sales. The traditional sales process typically includes the following steps:

1. Lead generation and follow-up
2. Appointment setting
3. Presenting product benefits and pricing
4. Asking for the order and closing the sale

Neither method is better than the other. It really depends on your personal preferences. With internet selling you are counting on a system to make a sale. Our system has proven effective in accomplishing this. With traditional sales you are guiding someone step-by-step through the sales process and even taking the order. Please choose a method that works best for you.

Affiliate FAQs

If I refer someone to Alpha Dog Food, but they don’t use my share link do I still get credit?

Yes, we will gladly pay you the commission once we can determine they are your referral. Furthermore, you can request a personal coupon, which can allow us to more easily track your referrals if they bypass your share link.

To request a personal coupon to share with your friends please email us at:

Disclaimer: Earnings vary based on effort.