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Bag Size Matters

We will no longer offer 55 lb bags. Over the years many of our clients have naturally switched away from the 55 lb bags, and have moved to either the 40 lb ( 2 x 20 lb bags), or 80 lb (4 x 20 lb bags) options. The most common reason given for the switch […]

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How To Choose High-Quality Dog Food

How To Choose High-Quality Dog Food Selecting high-quality food for your dog isn’t always easy, but there’s no denying how important it is to only feed your dog with the best quality food you can afford. Using quality food not only provides your dog with adequate nutrition, but it can also help to maintain your […]

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5 Best Dog Workouts Based on Personality

5 Best Dog Workouts Based on Personality Did you know that dog owners are up to 34% more physically active than non dog owners? In a sense your dog is a lot like your personally trainer. They’ve got you up early in the morning, and they are ready to go out when you get home from […]

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Atlantic County Humane Society

Humane Society of Atlantic County

Dog Rescuers Help the Humane Society of Atlantic County by Shopping from Alpha Dog Food In times of economic uncertainty it’s not always feasible to make donations to your favorite charities, but thanks to Alpha Dog Food HSAC supporters can help their favorite charity by simply doing what they are already doing…buying dog food. Families who […]

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assistance dog food discount

Assistance Dog Discount – Recurring 5%

Assistance Dog Food Discount—Recurring Coupon Code for Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and All Service Dogs Our best ideas come from others. While manning the Alpha Dog Food vendor booth at Paws for Art at Wheaton Village in Millville NJ, we were approached by Megan, a young woman with a disability, who was guided by her dog. She asked if we offered […]

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Home-Based Pet Food Business: Alpha Dog Food

Home-Based Pet Food Business Along with being a super convenient way to shop for your dog and cat food, Alpha Dog Food also offers you a way to earn cold hard cash! The Alpha Dog Food Brand Ambassador Program is your way to earn money and prizes by sharing our products and services with others. In this […]

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cute puppy pic

Dog Food for Breeders

Inexpensive, high-quality dog food for breeders, delivered Because the food you feed plays an important role in the health of your dogs, you want to find a food that is healthy, but your need to feed many muzzles requires that you find a food that is also low cost. Herein lies the challenge. Fortunately Alpha […]

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